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".....this is one of the best and most significant purchases I have ever made. My only advice is to get in touch with as many people as possible." Mike P., Maryland
"Congrats on a great concept. KnockOut Abs(R) classes have been a huge hit with our clients and we will be ordering 12 more next week." Cindy K., ONT
"This thing kicks #ss! I got it on Friday, today is Monday and my obliques are screaming. Haven't felt that for years." Jerry R., DE
"This is the best ab and oblique workout I have ever done. The cardio and strength stuff is right up there with P90X, but the speed bag makes it so much more fun. I look forward to seeing this on tv. Good luck!" Trevon J., NY
"KnockOut Abs should come with a warning label. I didn't realize how weak my obliques were and this workout showed me. Wow! I'm sore." Jordan S., MN
"Just wanted to thank you for the prompt shipping. It arrived in time and my husband LOVED his Xmas gift. In fact, the whole family took turns trying the different moves in the video. I think we burned every calorie from dinner and some." Julie S., CO
"....I've searched everywhere for a boxing ab workout and I'm so glad to have found this one. The quality is great and the moves are no joke. I can feel every strand of muscle in my abs and obliques." Paul G., FL

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