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Boxing and MMA Workouts are a Fitness Hat Trick

Boxing and mma workouts are the holy grail of fitness. They encompass everything that is needed to ensure a strong body and maybe more importantly, a strong mind. First, a good boxing/mma workout will use nearly every muscle in the body. Legs for kicking, ducking and take downs, arms and shoulders for punching and ground game and core for power. The combined use of all these muscles results in tons of calories burned.

Of course, nothing is more important in your fitness regimen than a strong mind. Boxing and mma increase testosterone and reduce cortisol, an amazing combination that is often overlooked. The high associated with surges of testosterone are what keeps you coming back, just like a rock concert, driving a race car or playing contact sports. But what may be even more important is the reduction of cortisol that is a side affect of high testosterone. Being relaxed allows our muscles to remain in an anabolic (growing) state and high cortisol levels are often associated with abdominal fat and love handles.

So do yourself a favor. Once a week, put down the weights or get off the treadmill and hit some focus mitts, a heavy bag or your buddy. The benefits of boxing and mma workouts go far beyond the obvious.

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